After about a year of absence and not too much going on before that, I am in a totally new space, both spiritually and physically.  I have retired from the job world and have dived into the unknown through the door of retirement.  I have changed continents, countries, language and culture without an anchor or even a friend in my new abode.  It has been intentional and with a degree of the spirit of adventure that I have created this new challenge at this time in my life.  I had reached a level of boredom, or at least:  I am done with my current lifestyle and having the privilege of not having anyone to answer to I created the opportunity to explore a new level of life experience.  I came to the realization that it was now or never.  I still have plenty of years to go as far as can be predicted, and enough enthusiasm and energy to try to follow some of the dreams of my youth that I never got around to before.

My intentions in writing this in a blog format is to share my progression of experiences, the pitfalls and successes of my journey in self-discovery and hopefully give others some encouragement to follow their own journey of self-discovery.  I have been blessed with an ability to step into the unknown without too much trepidation about what might follow.  So far it has never lead me into anything I have not been able to handle and has always provided opportunities to self-reflect and grow as a person and as a soul.  In general, I will try to weave into my tales, the details of how I got to where I am today without a particular biographical sketch.  I will add that I see life as a journey of self-discovery not only on the physical and intellectual levels, but particularly, on a spiritual level.  By that I mean that I believe all aspects of life are connected and that the spiritual aspect of our lives drives all the other aspects.  I do not follow any religious doctrine, but I have studied many of the tenets of the major religions.  I follow my own path, which is basically aligned with the more eastern philosophies of zen and tao and the rhythms of nature.

I have spent the past year meditating, meeting new people, doing some traveling and finding that I needed to set some specific goals in order to maintain my sanity .  I found that the most challenging aspect of not going to a job is to find meaningful activities with which to spend my newly liberated hunks of time.  The idea that one just needs to follow one’s bliss is wonderful, if you have a clear idea of what that means to you.  There have been many things in my life which engaged my passion and made my heart sing, but that turned out to be the problem:  many things.   I asked myself which of these many things I would like to re-engage in.

As I started to explore different avenues, I found that some just did not grab me like they used to. For example,  I have always felt very drawn to healing since I was quite young and in fact went on to study biology and medically related areas, working in research during my career.  However, during the years in academic research I found myself questioning much of what I saw taking place around me, including the whys and wherefors.  I leaned more and more towards the alternative healing modalities.  I decided to take a course in Reiki, which is basically an energy healing modality.  It is Although I find it very beneficial, I also found I could not muster the enthusiasm with which I saw others engage and so I am currently dis-engaging from an active pursuit of this avenue.   I am finding that trial and error may be what will determine my next step in : finding my bliss.

I will continue my explorations of renewal and following the trail of finding bliss in the next post.  It will be an on-going documentation and I hope some of you will find an interest in sharing your adventures with me as well.  I welcome you to join me in this journey of self-discovery.


















Solo Journey

Alone, so alone.DSCN0008


Outside as well as Inside.

No one to share the depths of my soul with.


Screaming inside sometimes.  Talking with people, superficial.

Talking with myself, lonely.

Not that I can’t find answers; they’re there.

I just want to share them, compare notes,

Share experiences. Share love, sensuality.  Feel deeply.

Isn’t that why we’re here?

I’m looking for heart to heart connections, not finding many.

Everybody is so busy; no time to live life.

No time to be in the heart.

Do you remember who you are?  Where you came from?

We’re all in this together, whether we acknowledge it or not.

We came from the same source, limitlessness, the infinite.

Now we seem to be lost among the stars, drifting through time and space.

Alone. Separate. On a solo journey.







Through the mists

Years ago, as I was reading Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon, a scene captivated me which has to this day remained with me. In the barge on the lake, the Lady of the Lake called the mists down to carry her to Avalon. I have found myself aligning with this concept of calling in the mists to help me to reach across the dimensions where my lives in other realms and realities lie.
I am feeling implored to re-unite my soul fragments and return home to the magical realms where I once dwelt in harmony with all the natural worlds. I live along a large river and often see the mists rising in the early mornings and find myself carried to dream of the mysterious worlds beyond.
The waters in the form of mists carry unique resonant frequencies which are conducive to transformative processes. The purity of water and intent can bring miraculous transformations. This has been known and demonstrated for thousands of years at the sacred wells and springs recorded in our histories all across the earth. This old knowledge is once again awakening upon the earth through scientific research, such as that by Masaru Emoto and others. Along with that the sacred waters are also re-awakening as the earth’s new grid is bringing healing and cleansing of the waters. It is however very important that humans do ceremony and use creative intent to heal the waters and other pollution that has been inflicted on earth by humans. Many lightworkers and groups around the globe are doing this, but each of us as individuals are able to add our energies and intent to the overall work as well. There is no such thing as too little or too small. Each person with heart-felt love and intent adds to the healing effect of all.
Although it may seem I have wandered off course in my calling in the mists, it is part of my mission, it seems, to bring another voice of clarity to the importance of our individual efforts in the unified cause of healing of our earth and her living systems. I am integrating my scientific background with my mystical background to this transitional period we are in. Using our combined multi-dimensional experiences we can now empower ourselves to do those tasks we volunteered for in this incarnation upon Gaia.
It is each of us, where we are, in our homes, in our communities, that can take up the personal responsibility of blessing, praying, doing ceremony for our waters, our air, our foods. It is not to dwell upon the wrongs that we correct them, but by doing what is in our power to do to correct things. It may also be to actively participate in local action committees to bring public awareness and local response to solve problems in food chain, water quality and such, but we can begin at home first. Each action adds to the whole and brings a unified energy of intent to the overall solution.
Returning to my initial reference to calling in the mists, I now realize that in doing so I have called in my inner knowing and convictions. This is going to be a very interesting process. I am now becoming very excited at the prospects awaiting me.
Until next time, may the magical reveal itself to you in each and every day.

Blue Dragon Journal


Gifts on the Altar of Being

by Eliza Ayres

When I set out on this journey of self-revelation and being revealed before the world, or at least that small portion that gives itself the label, “lightworker”, I had little idea what I would encounter. I have been writing this blog for six months now, first breaking through shyness and, yes, fear of being “seen” by others in a way that I had not had to experience in this lifetime as yet.

If you’ve ever caught glimpses of yourself in the stories in books about what happened and in some places still happens to those who live and think in a different fashion than that which is dictated by our erstwhile controllers, then you know what I mean. I have seen myself, just in glimpses or visions felt within or an echo in my being, like a sympathetic string on a…

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Gaia’s Love

Today, child, I birth a star, a child of freedom!
The tides of Time carried burdens of care,
Tirelessly, through ceaseless ages,
By the women, the mothers, wives and daughters,
Bringing the baskets of worries to the cauldron.
The flames of love are ignited to transform the tears of generations.
Release, release, release the fear, the worry, the lack.
The violet flames transmute, transform to golden sparks of joy,
Of peace and abundance to overflowing fountains of love.

Nourish your Soul

The beauty of each day is not found in the hurrying, rushing around.
Instead, look up to the sky and watch the ever-changing patterns of clouds, of light and shadow.
The beauty of each day is not found in the constant noise of a highway.
Listen to the wind in the needles of a pine and let it filter to the depths of your soul.
The beauty of each day is not found in the glare of a computer screen.
Look to the bud of a flower in its perfect formation, ready to burst forth in full splendor.
The beauty of each day is not found in the cacophony of voices in the marketplace.
Listen to the small sound of a cricket chirping, a bird singing, and hear the subtleties of each note and rhythm.
The beauty of each day is a balm to our soul and as necessary to our survival as food and water.
Nourish yourself, your whole self, with beauty and you will grow younger and calmer.

On the Threshold

As I approach the Fall Equinox I feel that I stand upon the threshold of a whole new life. These past several months have flown by as if the days had grown wings. Remarkable events of growth and release within myself and my family occurred. The energies rose and fell with each new wave of cosmic energy pulsing through our lives. I have been one of the lucky ones, I guess, because I did not experience the extreme body or emotional issues that I have read about with other lightworkers. I have felt the movements within my body and within my emotions,but they have been like floating on waves, bobbing up and down with the swells, often leaving me with joyous wonder of what the next wave would reveal.
I have felt this current portal on the 22nd more intensely building than any of the previous ones this year. The anticipation is palpable. Mother Gaia is ready to make a great push towards her goal of the 5th dimension and the universe as well as our supporting interdimensional cast of beings is standing by to assist her in every way. This great wave of love energy will propel her and all of her entourage upon her surface to new levels of vibrations we have never experienced before. Our bodily systems have been prepared for this over the course of our journey towards ascension for many years now and we are ready to expand in ways completely new. Gaia is rising into her freedom and we along with her to levels of joy and love, peace and abundance and ecstasy.

Personally, I am excited about the possibilities opening up as I feel ready to leap into my new life with joyous abandon.  I have been visualizing a most wonderful life filled with beauty, health, love and new adventures.   The old is falling away and if we do not give it any of our energy, it will crumble into dust as we move on towards nova Gaia.
Bless you all and may your stars all rise to greet you!

Up, Up and Away!

The incoming spiritual energies are quite intense just now and it has been difficult to pick up the thread of how I want to proceed with this blog.  Yet, I feel that there is something that needs to be shared particularly because it is so intense.

As I connect to my heartspace and Mother Gaia I get these waves of incredible peace and just plain joy and frankly, I just want to stay there and enjoy it! I do sense, though, that there is a feeling of being hurried along by many of us, that we do not have enough time to get things done like we would like to be able to. As we move toward the solar eclipse on Sunday, the 20th, I expect these feelings will actually crescendo. The question I have is: are we going to find ourselves being pulled or just slide through this energy vortex to a whole new way of being? I am getting very excited by the prospect of knowing a whole new-old me! I know that our remembering of who and what we are will be amplified tremendously by this event and our connection with all, but especially with our loving mother Gaia will also be re-awakened.

Through the grace of our Creator we are able to allow ourselves to embrace more of who we are than ever before in our long journeys upon Gaia. We are opening our eyes to see a greater landscape than our old 3-D self could ever imagine. This aspect of expansion of our senses goes way beyond the 5 physical senses that we have been accustomed to in our 3-D world. The veil of illusion is dropping away and the beauty of our surroundings will lift us up in body, mind, and soul in every fiber of our being if we but allow the flow of love to filter into each molecule and atom, each cell; each feeling, and each thought. It is like riding a wave, being buoyed along with the motion of the wave to a new destination.  I am looking forward to the unveiling of more of who I am and the realization of my purpose and mission during this time of our transition to the new earth and the new human.  What a wonderful time to be alive!

Bringing in Spring

As we prepare to celebrate the Wesak full moon this Saturday let us remember to honor Gaia in the celebrations as well. In our not so ancient history we often had great festivals to honor Gaia with special rites of fertility and the return of the season of new growth. The earth would like us to remember our relationship to her and to renew the connection by spending time in the open air, fields or forests, along the shoreline letting ourselves fully feel the sunshine, wind and the soil or grass beneath our feet. Shed your shoes and dance through the glade breathing deeply of the fresh spring air. Sing with the wind in the trees and feel your heart expand as it releases the confines of the mundane. Relish the sensual experience of your body in its natural environment. Through these opportunities we come to renew our bond with our Mother Earth and begin the process of healing and balancing our own lives as well as our planet.


We were standing in a circle on a mountainside, gathered with the purpose of honoring our connection to our Mother Earth.  We sang and chanted, raising our arms as the wind gently caressed our bodies.  She was clearly present and honored our presence with the gentle whisperings of the wind through the trees.  As the circle broke up we each found our own personal way to pay homage as well.  I walked among the trees and stood still, quietly listening.  A flood of energy began to wash over me, wave after wave.  I found myself in tears of recognition, familiarity as if I had come home.  She gave me an invitation to learn to know the subtle energies and messages and to one day share these with my brothers and sisters.  These sharings are what I am now embarking on and the time is ripe for the human family to once again know the voice of our Mother, Gaia, and know her as a sentient ,sensitive and great spiritual Being.  She has endured much and yet she forgives and cherishes every living being upon her skin and wishes for each of them to know her personally.   Namaste to all.