We were standing in a circle on a mountainside, gathered with the purpose of honoring our connection to our Mother Earth.  We sang and chanted, raising our arms as the wind gently caressed our bodies.  She was clearly present and honored our presence with the gentle whisperings of the wind through the trees.  As the circle broke up we each found our own personal way to pay homage as well.  I walked among the trees and stood still, quietly listening.  A flood of energy began to wash over me, wave after wave.  I found myself in tears of recognition, familiarity as if I had come home.  She gave me an invitation to learn to know the subtle energies and messages and to one day share these with my brothers and sisters.  These sharings are what I am now embarking on and the time is ripe for the human family to once again know the voice of our Mother, Gaia, and know her as a sentient ,sensitive and great spiritual Being.  She has endured much and yet she forgives and cherishes every living being upon her skin and wishes for each of them to know her personally.   Namaste to all.


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