Bringing in Spring

As we prepare to celebrate the Wesak full moon this Saturday let us remember to honor Gaia in the celebrations as well. In our not so ancient history we often had great festivals to honor Gaia with special rites of fertility and the return of the season of new growth. The earth would like us to remember our relationship to her and to renew the connection by spending time in the open air, fields or forests, along the shoreline letting ourselves fully feel the sunshine, wind and the soil or grass beneath our feet. Shed your shoes and dance through the glade breathing deeply of the fresh spring air. Sing with the wind in the trees and feel your heart expand as it releases the confines of the mundane. Relish the sensual experience of your body in its natural environment. Through these opportunities we come to renew our bond with our Mother Earth and begin the process of healing and balancing our own lives as well as our planet.


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