Up, Up and Away!

The incoming spiritual energies are quite intense just now and it has been difficult to pick up the thread of how I want to proceed with this blog.  Yet, I feel that there is something that needs to be shared particularly because it is so intense.

As I connect to my heartspace and Mother Gaia I get these waves of incredible peace and just plain joy and frankly, I just want to stay there and enjoy it! I do sense, though, that there is a feeling of being hurried along by many of us, that we do not have enough time to get things done like we would like to be able to. As we move toward the solar eclipse on Sunday, the 20th, I expect these feelings will actually crescendo. The question I have is: are we going to find ourselves being pulled or just slide through this energy vortex to a whole new way of being? I am getting very excited by the prospect of knowing a whole new-old me! I know that our remembering of who and what we are will be amplified tremendously by this event and our connection with all, but especially with our loving mother Gaia will also be re-awakened.

Through the grace of our Creator we are able to allow ourselves to embrace more of who we are than ever before in our long journeys upon Gaia. We are opening our eyes to see a greater landscape than our old 3-D self could ever imagine. This aspect of expansion of our senses goes way beyond the 5 physical senses that we have been accustomed to in our 3-D world. The veil of illusion is dropping away and the beauty of our surroundings will lift us up in body, mind, and soul in every fiber of our being if we but allow the flow of love to filter into each molecule and atom, each cell; each feeling, and each thought. It is like riding a wave, being buoyed along with the motion of the wave to a new destination.  I am looking forward to the unveiling of more of who I am and the realization of my purpose and mission during this time of our transition to the new earth and the new human.  What a wonderful time to be alive!


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