Through the mists

Years ago, as I was reading Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Mists of Avalon, a scene captivated me which has to this day remained with me. In the barge on the lake, the Lady of the Lake called the mists down to carry her to Avalon. I have found myself aligning with this concept of calling in the mists to help me to reach across the dimensions where my lives in other realms and realities lie.
I am feeling implored to re-unite my soul fragments and return home to the magical realms where I once dwelt in harmony with all the natural worlds. I live along a large river and often see the mists rising in the early mornings and find myself carried to dream of the mysterious worlds beyond.
The waters in the form of mists carry unique resonant frequencies which are conducive to transformative processes. The purity of water and intent can bring miraculous transformations. This has been known and demonstrated for thousands of years at the sacred wells and springs recorded in our histories all across the earth. This old knowledge is once again awakening upon the earth through scientific research, such as that by Masaru Emoto and others. Along with that the sacred waters are also re-awakening as the earth’s new grid is bringing healing and cleansing of the waters. It is however very important that humans do ceremony and use creative intent to heal the waters and other pollution that has been inflicted on earth by humans. Many lightworkers and groups around the globe are doing this, but each of us as individuals are able to add our energies and intent to the overall work as well. There is no such thing as too little or too small. Each person with heart-felt love and intent adds to the healing effect of all.
Although it may seem I have wandered off course in my calling in the mists, it is part of my mission, it seems, to bring another voice of clarity to the importance of our individual efforts in the unified cause of healing of our earth and her living systems. I am integrating my scientific background with my mystical background to this transitional period we are in. Using our combined multi-dimensional experiences we can now empower ourselves to do those tasks we volunteered for in this incarnation upon Gaia.
It is each of us, where we are, in our homes, in our communities, that can take up the personal responsibility of blessing, praying, doing ceremony for our waters, our air, our foods. It is not to dwell upon the wrongs that we correct them, but by doing what is in our power to do to correct things. It may also be to actively participate in local action committees to bring public awareness and local response to solve problems in food chain, water quality and such, but we can begin at home first. Each action adds to the whole and brings a unified energy of intent to the overall solution.
Returning to my initial reference to calling in the mists, I now realize that in doing so I have called in my inner knowing and convictions. This is going to be a very interesting process. I am now becoming very excited at the prospects awaiting me.
Until next time, may the magical reveal itself to you in each and every day.


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