Nourish your Soul

The beauty of each day is not found in the hurrying, rushing around.
Instead, look up to the sky and watch the ever-changing patterns of clouds, of light and shadow.
The beauty of each day is not found in the constant noise of a highway.
Listen to the wind in the needles of a pine and let it filter to the depths of your soul.
The beauty of each day is not found in the glare of a computer screen.
Look to the bud of a flower in its perfect formation, ready to burst forth in full splendor.
The beauty of each day is not found in the cacophony of voices in the marketplace.
Listen to the small sound of a cricket chirping, a bird singing, and hear the subtleties of each note and rhythm.
The beauty of each day is a balm to our soul and as necessary to our survival as food and water.
Nourish yourself, your whole self, with beauty and you will grow younger and calmer.


On the Threshold

As I approach the Fall Equinox I feel that I stand upon the threshold of a whole new life. These past several months have flown by as if the days had grown wings. Remarkable events of growth and release within myself and my family occurred. The energies rose and fell with each new wave of cosmic energy pulsing through our lives. I have been one of the lucky ones, I guess, because I did not experience the extreme body or emotional issues that I have read about with other lightworkers. I have felt the movements within my body and within my emotions,but they have been like floating on waves, bobbing up and down with the swells, often leaving me with joyous wonder of what the next wave would reveal.
I have felt this current portal on the 22nd more intensely building than any of the previous ones this year. The anticipation is palpable. Mother Gaia is ready to make a great push towards her goal of the 5th dimension and the universe as well as our supporting interdimensional cast of beings is standing by to assist her in every way. This great wave of love energy will propel her and all of her entourage upon her surface to new levels of vibrations we have never experienced before. Our bodily systems have been prepared for this over the course of our journey towards ascension for many years now and we are ready to expand in ways completely new. Gaia is rising into her freedom and we along with her to levels of joy and love, peace and abundance and ecstasy.

Personally, I am excited about the possibilities opening up as I feel ready to leap into my new life with joyous abandon.  I have been visualizing a most wonderful life filled with beauty, health, love and new adventures.   The old is falling away and if we do not give it any of our energy, it will crumble into dust as we move on towards nova Gaia.
Bless you all and may your stars all rise to greet you!