Solo Journey

Alone, so alone.DSCN0008


Outside as well as Inside.

No one to share the depths of my soul with.


Screaming inside sometimes.  Talking with people, superficial.

Talking with myself, lonely.

Not that I can’t find answers; they’re there.

I just want to share them, compare notes,

Share experiences. Share love, sensuality.  Feel deeply.

Isn’t that why we’re here?

I’m looking for heart to heart connections, not finding many.

Everybody is so busy; no time to live life.

No time to be in the heart.

Do you remember who you are?  Where you came from?

We’re all in this together, whether we acknowledge it or not.

We came from the same source, limitlessness, the infinite.

Now we seem to be lost among the stars, drifting through time and space.

Alone. Separate. On a solo journey.








Nourish your Soul

The beauty of each day is not found in the hurrying, rushing around.
Instead, look up to the sky and watch the ever-changing patterns of clouds, of light and shadow.
The beauty of each day is not found in the constant noise of a highway.
Listen to the wind in the needles of a pine and let it filter to the depths of your soul.
The beauty of each day is not found in the glare of a computer screen.
Look to the bud of a flower in its perfect formation, ready to burst forth in full splendor.
The beauty of each day is not found in the cacophony of voices in the marketplace.
Listen to the small sound of a cricket chirping, a bird singing, and hear the subtleties of each note and rhythm.
The beauty of each day is a balm to our soul and as necessary to our survival as food and water.
Nourish yourself, your whole self, with beauty and you will grow younger and calmer.